Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Travel Plans! And A Touch Of Beauty Now!

Beautiful Michigan fall colors!
   I'm very excited about my plans for the next several days! Tonight I'm going with my grandchildren to a place on Main Street in Brighton called the "Yum Yum Tree"! This place is unique for it's family friendly atmosphere and it's ice cream fountain. My grandchildren love the train that travels around the upper perimeter, occasionally tooting it's horn. You'll be able to read about our adventure there in tomorrow's blog.
   On Saturday I'm heading to Holland, Michigan. My daughter-in-law, Mia will be my special guide! She has plans to show me the many places dear to her childhood memories! And on Sunday through Tuesday I'll be exploring a bit closer to home. There is Spicer's Apple Orchard, the town of Pinckney, the city of Howell (including it's library) , and a few other local "must see"'s"! So stay tuned and let's see what mischief I can get into! Perhaps Gertie GPS will have her voice back by then. I find it's harder to argue with a mute machine!
   Meanwhile, here's a touch of beauty, taken in Pinckney, Mi. at the Hay Creek subdivision!
Red Maples showing off their fall wardrobe!

A tree canopy nature trail strewn with dried fall leaves!

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