Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

  One of my all time favorite spots in Livingston county is Kensington Metro Park! Being a nature lover, I'm constantly amazed and dazzled by the beauty of this place! I have jokingly called it "my estate", since I have found that during the week I often have the park to myself! I have two beaches, miles of walking trails, picnic areas, a water park, snack bars, boat tours (an extra charge), a nature center, and a farm center - all for the lovely price of $12.00 a year! (senior rate) Now THAT'S  an estate affordable to all! The only thing missing is the mansion, but do I want to spend time cleaning indoors when I have all this beauty outside? I tell you, I feel like a millionaire with each visit!

   On Monday I visited my Kensington Estate. It was gusting strong winds, but my spirits weren't chilled. At this point I'm going to let these pictures speak for me!

A single swan floating near the shore

Trees in muted splendor near one of the beaches

Ducks were beginning to swim in formation, perhaps practicing for their coming flight south?

One of the beautiful views from Island Road

One of my favorite meditation spots!

In the summer, this is a canopy of green!

One of the Islands in the middle of the lake!

Nature's breathtaking handiwork!

No matter where you point the camera, there beauty is!

As you can tell by this tree, there were strong gusts of wind!

   Thank you for accompanying me on this journey of nature's beauty! On Friday I'll show you a bit more of Kensington, including the farm center! Until then, remember that life is an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride! Until then!

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Heather said...

Kensington is truly beautiful. I grew up there and take my daughter when I can. Thank you for sharing your memories.