Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog-The Parker House- Giving Credit where Credit Is Due!

   How does one say "Thank You" for a full week of superb, professional, gracious service and accommodations? Our journey began with Kate Casey (Loyalty Ambassador), who helped me plan a special week of Birthday celebration for Diana. From recommendations for the "Grey Van service" (Great service!), the special accommodations, the suggestions for the "Old Town Trolley Tours" (also wonderful), to the Birthday card, Boston cream pie, and champagne that greeted us on our first night! Thank you, Ms. Casey, for insuring a most memorable week!

 D.J, who's smile brightened our day
   Then there was the staff! There was D.J., who helped us with our luggage when we first arrived, and greeted us each day with a wonderful smile and kind words!

   The maid service was excellent.

Concierge David Sheehan
   And the Concierge staff was fantastic! Thank you, David Sheehan, for your help with suggestions and reservations, your gracious professional manner, and lets not forget the Boston cream pie, white wine, and Birthday card you sent to the room! Thank you, Joseph, for recommending the "Oceanaire Restaurant" and ensuring we had a special Birthday celebration there! Let me include Susan, Rebecca, and Conor in the wonderful Concierge staff. Thank you all!
   What a FANTASTIC week, thanks to you folks!

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