Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Livingston County - Beauty Out Your Back Door!

   Livingston county offers a multitude of wonderful, free or inexpensive places to go! Whether young or well seasoned, with a family, or by yourself, a bit of beauty and adventure awaits you- out your own back door! This month I'll be exploring what is available, what may be a bit unusual, and what may be inexpensive but yummy! (We can't forget about food being a wonderful part of any adventure!)

   Today I'd like you to come with me to Lakelands Trail State Park. The trails run 20 miles, east to west, from Hamburg to Stockbridge, Michigan. The multi-use trails were once abandoned railroad corridors. The north side trail is for hiking and biking, while the south trail is for horseback riding. The trail is composed of crushed lime stone, but there are six miles in Hamburg Township that are paved. There is no fee for parking or use of the trail. In Hamburg Township there are two parking areas directly linked to the trail. One is at the West Bennette Park off of Merrill Road, the other on the south side of m-36 and Pettysville Road.

  I entered the trail today through
the Hay Creek subdivision and headed east. The fall colors were a feast to the eyes, and the gentle breeze and shaded areas kept me comfortable during my power walk. Here and there people rode bikes or walked their dogs. All seemed to be happy to be out in the sunshine and fall beauty.

   If you park at M-36 and Pettysville Road, be sure to stop at Captain Frosty's before heading for home. An ice cream cone and a bit of gas will be your only expense on this wonderful outing!

   Sometimes the best and most beautiful experiences are free!

So beautiful, it looked like a water color painting!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the colors are beautiful! We're just starting to get a little bit of color here in DC.