Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Last Loving Look At Livingston!

  This will be my last post on Livingston county, for a while at least. (There's a town  called Hell, Michigan that might be interesting to explore in the future!)  There's  many other small towns, lovely parks, lakes, and farms to see! I believe this county is beautiful- a nature lover's paradise!
    So many people in other parts of the U.S.  and in other countries only think of Detroit when they hear of  Michigan!  Detroit is a big city, with all the problems of a big city. But the state of Michigan is full of trees, hills, and lakes. I'll be writing about other places in Michigan, but for today, how about a little more Livingston County beauty.

  Livingston County is my home. I've lived here on and off for 33 years. It's been fun to `explore and share. We truely do have little adventures out our own back door! In the near future I'll be exploring more of Livingston County. Coming up I will be exploring Canton, Plymouth, and Ann Arbor! Please
join me as  I look for the "out of the way gems" and a bit of adventure. And, of course, good food!!

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