Friday, October 21, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Kensington Beauty And A Bit Of Barn Life!

   Kensington Metro Park is my spot of heaven here on earth! From swimming, biking, hiking, golf, to skating, cross country skiing, and sledding in the winter-it's a fantastic place for anyone who likes to be outdoors. Along with all of natures grandeur, Kensington offers both Nature and Farm Centers. I previously posted pictures, and I think it fitting to let the photos speak again.

View from Island Road

Area of boat launch, docks, and in the winter- Ice skating area

Flag circle park area off  of  Island road

The wind is plucking leaves! Soon this tree will be bare!

A surprise beauty on the road to the Farm Center

One of the wooded picnic areas

One more look. Ahhhhhhhh!

A secluded picnic area

Barn at the Farm Center where baby animals shelter

This little one won't be little long!

Miniature Nanny Goat

Twin baby miniature nanny goats atop a hay bale

I tried the "Ba-Ram-Ewe" phrase, but no luck! (From the movie BABE)

Lovely Fall decor outside of the Farm Center Snack Shop

Goodbye to my "Country Estate", until next time!

There's more to see at the farm. And one could spend a whole day at the nature center. So, those two places will be saved for a future visit!

   I had such a lovely day! As a finale, nature gave me a beautiful view of Mystic Lake at sunset! I thought it was fitting to post this picture also! Such beauty ought to be shared!

   Next will be  some wandering north of Brighton. Let's see if Mother Nature cooperates for another outing this week!

    Also, there is a special adventure coming up this weekend that I'm really excited about! Be sure to watch for that!

   Until next time, remember that life is an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!

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