Friday, October 14, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Going Italian With a Two Year Old!

   The one question on any grandparents mind is "How do I entertain a two year old or keep their attention?!"  For my granddaughter, food is never far from her mind. (Oh dear, guess I know where she got that from!) As we drove toward Brighton I asked the question. "What do you want to eat?" to which she replied "Spaghetti!" As anyone with children and grandchildren knows, there is a point when the children simply are not  good in restaurants. Payton usually is great, but one never knows. (Talk about an adventure!)  So, I was a bit apprehensive!

   I pulled over and parked on Main Street. A few years ago I was impressed with the long counter filled with Italian goodies at Buon Gusto. At that time they also had a little sitting area toward the back. I was in for quite a surprise when we walked in. Gone was the counter of Italian delights. Instead, a long row of tables lined each side, with a beautiful veranda for outdoor dinning.

   We were immediately seated. Jennifer was our waitress. I asked her if this place would be "two year old child" friendly, or if this was a disaster in the making. Jennifer assured me that this was a family restaurant, with a child's menu. I ordered Penne for both of us. Jennifer brought the bread basket quickly. The bread was warm, with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on top. That was a hit for both Payton and myself! Jennifer brought a bib for Payton, who surprisingly liked the idea! (So far so good!) Salad came with my meal, which I gladly shared with Payton. (Yep, she loves salad!)
   When the Penne came I couldn't believe it! I think we could have shared the children's portion! My plate was enough for two! Delicious! Needless to say, I'll be having left overs tomorrow! Everyone from the owners to the wait staff were helpful and friendly. We didn't stay for dessert, tempting as it seemed to be. (Everything was going so well, I didn't want to push my luck with my Granddaughter's staying power!) A couple who sat at the table next to ours said the desserts were wonderful. I definitely will be back for my coffee and a sweet something from this lovely little restaurant! Thank you, Jennifer, for your gracious service!

   Our next stop was the "Lucky Duck" toy store on Main Street. We needed to cross the street, and Payton was proud to push the "walk" button that flashed the lights for drivers to stop. What can I say about the toy store! There is so much in that store that it's mind boggling! I didn't know where to look first! If I was a two year old, I would have wanted to stay there all night! Payton found a ball and a rag doll that she really liked. She seems to have the ability to look at everything, but be able to choose just one or two. She must get that from her mother! (Which is why her mother Mia will be my shopping guru and guide tomorrow.)

   Once home Payton asked to take a bath! (That blew me away!) Perhaps it's the fact that the tub's the shape of a small pool! After her swim, she decided to do some "writing", which is really a series of marks on the paper. Who cares! Go for it, kid! Some day you may be a writer!


All in all I have to say today may have been more of an adventure for me than for my Granddaughter. She certainly took it all in stride! As I'm typing away, she's sweetly snoozing on the sofa. Before I had grandchildren, (even before my own children,) I had wonderful adventures with my friend's siblings and children!  I would encourage everyone to connect with a child, and let the child in YOU come out to play! There's nothing like it!

   Tomorrow will be the Livingston County Shopping adventure! Stay tuned! Mia has promised me some wonderful surprises to not only start to replace  my aging wardrobe, but stay within my budget as well! And what woman isn't excited about looking sharp again! If it turns out well, I may even have a few pictures! Hmm! Then again... ?! (Oh, I wish I had started that exercise routeen sooner!)

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