Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Gertie GPS has moved into my car!!

   Some of you are familiar with Gertie. A few years ago my friend Diana and I took a nine week road trip, writing about our adventures for the Detroit News travel blog. Gertie GPS was our constant companion and source of many adventures and misadventures. She also added a great deal of hilarity to what otherwise could have been some stressful situations.
   Well, I have inherited Gertie! By electronic standards Gertie is an old lady! She's chunky, she's cranky, and she only recognizes the eastern half of the United States! Being electronically challenged, I am now struggling to understand the step-by-step procedures needed to feed Gertie the correct info. Gertie is not pleased. (As I've said, she's cranky!)
    Now, my theory is that if you want to quickly go from point A to point B, the expressways are the way to go. But if you want to explore, you need to take those secondary roads. That's when you can stumble upon those wonderful little hidden gems that add so much to your adventure! Gertie also likes secondary roads, though she sometimes confuses a "road" with a cow path or an airport runway. (See what I mean by adventure?)
   From now on Gertie will be my constant "car" companion. I look forward to many adventures (and a few arguments) with this machine. Is it possible that there's a very little lady in there, yelling "RECALCULATING"?  Next thing on my check off list? Find a way to lower the volume on her voice!

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