Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Flash Mob!!!

   Who would have thought that at the age of 65 I'd be participating in a flash mob dance?! What fun! My daughter-in-law Mia had informed me about this event, and off the cuff I asked if an old lady could participate. Her answer was "Of course!!"
   This Flash Mob dance was done in dedication to,  and memory of Jevon (Hollywood) Hotchkiss, a former class mate of Mia's. He was a DJ, an entertainer, and a dancer. He was in a tragic pedestrian accident, and died four days later (August 1st) from complications from his injuries . He was a warm and special young man who had many friends. These friends and former class mates, along with those of us who wanted to honor this young man came forward when the opportunity arose to do this in his honor. One of his former class mates, Staci Lawrence, co-owns a Flash Mob company in California.( She graciously came to Michigan to organize and participate in this event. We rehearsed with her for a few hours before hand. That in itself was fun, though with 100 people dancing in a gym, it got VERY warm!

  Now, don't expect to see me in this crowd! There were no less than 100 dancers, all joyfully celebrating the life of this young man! The dance was hip hop- with a lot of hand movements and moves I wasn't familiar with. So, I danced at the back of the crowd with the grandchildren, letting Mia do the real dancing. None the less, it was wonderful fun! We danced twice. The first time there was a butterfly fluttering overhead the whole time, giving speculation that it was Jevon, dancing with us! Mia did tell me that my grandson and I are in the opening shot. (That's my total claim to fame! Ha!)

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