Monday, October 3, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Exploring Michigan! (Around every corner!)

   I arrived in Michigan in 1965, not knowing a soul. I grew up in Iowa, land of farms and fields of corn and soy. Two things struck me profoundly when I arrived here. The huge amount of lakes, and how beautiful this state was!

Nature trail in Pinckney, Michigan
Trees just beginning  to dress for fall

   I don't think any place is prettier than Michigan in the summer and fall! Keeping that in mind, I'll be spending this month exploring the many nooks and crannies just outside my back door.

 So often we think of a vacation, or traveling to mean getting on an airplane and traveling 
hundreds of miles. This months vacation is Michigan!! Come join me while I see what gems are around every corner!


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. You're getting very good with the camera!!! Di