Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Beautiful Back Roads and Gertie GPS Has Laryngitis!

A last look at Northville
   I programed Gertie GPS for secondary roads to go from Northville to Pinckney. I got the directions on Gertie's screen o.k., but there was only silence! Oh, my! Gertie's got laryngitis! I feel bad, because I had complained her voice was too loud! (Be careful what you wish for?) Unable to get her to "talk" to me, I took off anyway, driving into the beautiful sunny fall day. Gertie took me on 8 mile into the country, at one point jogging over to 7 mile, heading west toward home.

   I passed beautiful horse farms and tree lined fields, all full of gold, red, and green colors! I longed to pull over to take pictures, but there were no shoulders on these roads, so I drove on. My heart was full of gratitude to be able to enjoy all this beauty!

 Entering the Hamburg area, I stopped to take pictures of the Huron River. What a serene and beautiful scene!

   My next stop was Zukey Lake. The water sparkled in the sunlight, the colorful trees lining the shore line, giving it a "water color painting" quality.  Reluctantly I headed home, happy that I captured the moment and beauty via the camera!

   Getting back to my car, I was shocked to find Gertie on the floor! Her suction cup evidently let loose, allowing her to tumble! She still navigated me home, but with her voice gone and this "tumble", I'm seriously concerned she may be getting too old. I'm not ready to replace her yet, though. Hopefully she's as tough of an old lady that I am! Tomorrow I'll share with you my future "Michigan" vacation plans! Stay tuned!

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