Friday, September 23, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Put-In-Bay!!

    My oldest son is a pilot for Spirit Airlines . Since he was three years old he has wished for an airplane "of his very own". As of about a month ago, he got his wish. He bought a Maule, which is a four seat tail dragger. Recently son Steven invited me to fly with him to Put-In-Bay for the day. "YES!!" was my immediate response! He houses his airplane at a small airport in Brighton, Michigan. Once the hanger doors open, fellow pilots seem to crawl out of the woodwork, anxious to talk "airplanes". It took a while to break away, but finally boarded the airplane. The only disquieting thing about this airplane are the doors. They are made of clear Plexiglas, so they give the illusion of a wide open cockpit. Steven's suggestion? Look out, not down! (o.k.- I can do that!) We flew southeast through a valley of clouds, heading over Lake Erie. It was a perfect day for flying, the scenery being breath-taking. Sun glistened on the water, giving the illusion of thousands of tiny floating jewels. Here and there were barges, looking more like floating planks than ships.
                                                    Put-In-Bay is located 15 miles northeast of Sandusky, Ohio on Lake
Erie. It's history includes a significant role in the war of 1812 in the battle against the British- known as the "Battle of Lake Erie". Originally it was called "Pudding Bay" because it was shaped like a pudding sack.

   Once in Put-In-Bay we rented a golf cart, one of the common modes of transportation there. We stopped for lunch at "The Goat", and at Steven's suggestion had  delicious perch tacos! As we toured the island we wondered what it would be like to have a summer home there. I think we decided that an occasional stay at one of the bed and breakfasts would be great, and far less expensive.
   We stopped at the center square, packed with bars and shops. Steven said that during the height of the season it's quite a party island, with boaters coming in droves to enjoy the night life. We ended our visit back at "The Goat" for a delicious ice cream cone. (Note to self: Do NOT try to eat an ice cream cone while riding in a golf cart! Melts faster than you can eat!) Our flight back was at dusk. I was amazed that the water and sky became the same color of grey, loosing any sense of horizen

With my son's flying skills and the airplane instruments, I had no concerns. Our smooth landing in Brighton topped off our wonderful days adventure. Thank you, Steven, for another great memory!


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