Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Stewardess Remembers-A Memory that Warms My Heart


I started my flight career with a regional carrier called North Central Airlines. (Anyone remember the blue goose painted on the tail?)  Then came a merger of three carriers; North Central Airlines, Southern, and Hughes Air West. We became Republic Airlines.

It was during the Republic Airlines years that I first over nighted (and came to love) Boston.  The crews stayed at the Parker House Inn, an elegant historic hotel in the heart of downtown Boston.  Back in those days, a crew flew the same trips together for a full month.  I was fortunate to have wonderful crews on my Boston trips.

The Captain I use to fly with was one of those gracious, kind, soft spoken people who was a joy to work with. I so wish I could remember his name! One day the whole crew went to dinner at the north end area.  As we walked back toward our hotel, we past the commons and market place, where vendors were selling flowers.  There were many people sitting or standing in the square.

Our Captain stopped and bought a single rose.  He then turned and studied the crowd, and approached an elderly lady with a beautiful shock of gray hair.  He said to her as he handed her the rose, "I bought this flower to give to the most beautiful woman in the square, and you are that woman!"

 For a moment she put her hand over her mouth in surprise. Then, with glistening eyes and a beautiful radiant smile, she took the rose.  The woman's happy pleasure, along with the other people's smiles in that crowded square, reminded me anew that one small act of kindness can have a profound effect on many.  That memory will forever stay with me, a moment to be remembered and savored. So- where ever that pilot is today, I say a heartfelt "Thank You, Well done!!"                                                                         


Cynthia Grochowski said...

Hello Marcy! I am so excited to hear your adventures! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts....are you going to include side notes about the persnickity GPS system in your travels? said...

Marcy, we have so much in common--NCA etc. I'd love to meet you sometime. I retired after 44 yrs finally ending up with DL. I love to travel. I can still live out of a suitcase!!!! Where are your books sold? BTW what base did you fly out of? I was based in MSP . Thanks for listening