Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Food!!!

   I must confess! Most of my favorite places in the world are categorized in my mind by food! Whether it's Seoul, Amsterdam, Rome, Portland, or Boston, I have favorite eating places that are a MUST to visit. This is in direct opposition to my diet, health, and exercise routines. I calm my conscious by being good at home, so that I can throw caution to the wind while traveling. In a few days my roommate Diana and I will be heading for Boston.We'll be staying at the Omni Parker House Inn. What luck! They are home to the famous Parker House rolls, Boston cream pie, and- if my memory serves me- some wonderful clam chowder. Quincy Market has a wonderful food court, where the biggest dilemma is what to buy. It all looks so good! And the visit would not be complete without a wonderful Italian meal at Villa Francesca's! Located in the north end, it boasts Italian food to rival even my grandmother's cooking! This trip is, in part, a belated Birthday celebration for Diana. Diana loves raw oysters, which I can't seem to get past my eye teeth. But to a sea food restaurant we will go. I will be anxious to report our culinary delights as well as our other adventures. Food is a spice of life to tantalize all the senses. Not only does it fill our belly, it allows the opportunity of lively conversation, a chance to share the days events, and perhaps even a laugh or two!"

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