Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Boston On My Mind!!

   The long awaited trip is soon to be here! Tomorrow my roommate Diana and I are heading to Boston! Check in with me tomorrow evening! I'll be sharing our first day's adventures in one of the oldest U.S. cities. We'll be staying at The Omni Parker House Inn. I fell in love with this hotel years ago. This elegant,  historic hotel is like walking back in time. Our first meal will be at their famous Parker House Inn restaurant, noted for their Parker House Rolls and Boston Cream Pie.
   A special "Thank You" to Kate Casey, Loyalty Ambassador for the Parker House- who's welcome letter and helpful suggestions made the trip planning even more exciting!
   Now to pack. Weather in Boston this week is as follows: Rain and sunshine. High 60's to high 70's. (What do you think? Summer cloths plus sweaters? ) One rule of thumb from the flight attendant days: "Don't pack two if one will do!"

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