Friday, September 30, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Boston- Day #5 Thanks for the Memories!!

   Our stay in Boston is coming to an end! Tomorrow morning we'll be winging our way back to Michigan. What we want to share before we leave is a few extra pictures I think you may enjoy. It often is said that it's great to go on vacation, and great to go home. Diana and I agree that we could probably be here another two weeks and still not see it all. But all good things must come to an end, for now. And yes, it will be good to be home, connecting with our loved ones and friends again!

Fire Station #33- Oldest working in the U.S
   Our last day was spent enjoying the sunshine.We took pictures of Fire Station #33, the oldest operating Fire Station in the country. We were told by our trolley tour guide that the fire station still has stables in the back, where horses that use to pull the fire engins were kept. This one is for you Doug.

King's Chapel (round pillars)

 We visited the interior of the King's Chapel, and wandering the gift shop at the Old Town Hall Museum.

The Last Hurrah Lounge

 We decided to have lunch at the Parker House Lounge, called  "The Last Hurrah" bar. Of course, we had to have our last cup of REAL Boston clam chowder! (Too yummy!) Alexandria and George took excellent care of us. Our chowder and meals were wonderful!

   The weather was wonderful, windy, but in the mid 70's. We took the opportunity to sit in the sun and let the world go by for a bit.

Emmet's Irish Pub

    Our Concierge, David Sheehan, had suggested an Irish pub for us to go to- "Emmet's Irish Pub". The pub was a short walk from the hotel. It looked like we walked back into the 1800's! Named for a famous Irish freedom fighter, it has all the atmosphere of "old country", with stained glass adorning the tops of the long front windows. Our waitress was Aileen. They were already starting to get busy when we arrived at 5:30 p.m., but she took good care of us. I insisted on ordering some mussels, since it will be some time until I'm back in New England. Diana ordered shephard's pie, I ordered the beef tips. Everything, including the service, was excellent!

   We stayed in the hotel lobby for just a bit, saying goodbye to some of the staff. A wonderful end to a wonderful week! Tommorow's post will be "The Omni Parker House Inn- Giving Thanks where Thanks Is Due!!"

   Finally! A picture of the beautiful U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides)

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